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Comprehensive services to support your business

Our foundry provides a range of services, including casting, heat treating, and finishing. We work with customers to deliver high-quality, custom solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Permanent Mold

Permanent mold provides a means to produce castings with intricate detail and exceptional quality. The permanent mold process involves pouring molten aluminum into an iron or steel die. This method of casting produces a finer grain structure with consistent dimension and excellent finish.


We offer tilt-pour permanent molding lines to suit your mid-volume casting production needs. Common die or mold sizes are 18×24 and 30×30. We are capable of making or customizing dies to fit your needs and the application. Our static pour lines offer a solution for higher volume runs of smaller sized castings.

Heat Treat

Obtain the maximum hardness, strength and wear resistance of your casting with on-site heat treatment. Our drop bottom and aging furnaces provide heat treatment to T4, T6, T71 or other thermal treatment conditions. Air or water quenching may be performed as required for the condition. Calibrated Honeywell controllers monitor & record temperature uniformity.

Aluminum Alloys

St. Croix Castings is capable of pouring a complete line of ASTM certified alloys. We manufacture a high volume of our work in A356 Prime, 356 and 319 alloys. Aluminum certification may be provided upon request.

Sand Casting

The sand molding process provides a versatile and economic option for higher volume work and low volume, customized runs. Green sand molding is the process of pouring molten aluminum into a mold cavity formed in sand that is bonded by clay and water. We produce castings ranging in size from ounces up to 50 lbs.


According to your production requirements and casting size, we manufacture aluminum castings on our 14×19 or 20×24 automatic machines. Our reputation for process control and stability ensure the quality of your casting with an excellent sand cast finish.

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Quality Lab

We deliver consistent quality through comprehensive process control from start to finish. The constant monitoring and tracking of each job assures repeatability to meet or exceed your production requirements. 

Job Tracking

Computerized job scheduling, tracking and shipping ensure on-time delivery of your castings.


Certificates of Conformance to material and process requirements available on request.


Highly trained personnel perform 100% casting inspection to job specific guidelines.

Metal Preparation

Our melting processes are closely monitored with state of the art test equipment to ensure metal consistency and quality. The melting department consists of a number of gas and reverb furnaces to supply various alloy and production requirements.

Other Services

Permanent Mold Tooling

Capable of rigging or converting existing tooling in-house. New tooling outsourced to qualified, local pattern shops.

Core Department

Hot box core process in-house. Cold box cores outsourced to qualified supplier.

Finishing Department

Complete cleaning department.

Sand Mold Tooling

In-house pattern department for rigging, conversion & repair of existing tooling. New tooling outsourced to qualified, local pattern shops.

Blast Cleaning

Tumble blast for an excellent casting finish.


Coating, Painting or Anodizing

Outside, local shops to complete the casting finish.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Industries Served

Delivering tailored solutions to meet specific industry requirements

As a trusted partner to a range of industries, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and support to our customers. Whether you're in agriculture, commercial lighting, manufacturing, or any other sector, our team has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your business goals.

Commercial Lighting

  • Roadway Lighting Components

  • Residential Lighting Components

  • Decorative Bases

  • Covers

Fire Suppression Equipment

  • Pump Housings

  • Impellers

  • Adapters

  • Nozzles

Bulk Material Handling and Transfer

  • Tank Lids

  • Poppets

  • Adapters

  • Valve Components

Agricultural Equipment

  • Oil Caps

  • Connectors

  • Receivers

  • Manifolds

  • Housings

Industrial and Recreational Vehicles

  • Transmission & Motor Housings

  • Covers

  • Valve Bodies

  • Plates

  • Fans

  • Adapters

Industrial Tools and Equipment

  • Gear Cases

  • Motor Housings

  • Covers

  • Fan Shrouds

  • Caps

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